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The Summer The Spies Moved In


In this book the author, Mary Locke, is recounting an event in one of the main characters life.

Meg’s new neighbours, a Russian girl Irina, aged 11, her father, a Russian diplomat and their overweight American house keeper Mrs Bugayev, are moving in.  Their delivery trucks are being inspected by security men and Meg gets suspicious that they’re drug dealers from overseas. David, her best friend, disagrees with Meg and believes they are spies. Meg and David are curious and determined to uncover this mystery.

When they met Irina, their new neighbour, she was shy and got on Meg and David’s nerves, but soon became their new best friend.

After emulating Meg’s hero, Sherlock Holmes, Meg and David finally solved their mystery. It is Irina’s house keeper who was a spy working for the American government. She is observing them to make sure they don’t give American secrets to the Russians. At this time Russia and America where involved in a Cold war, due to different political ideals.

Throughout her discovery Meg had thought that the new Russian neighbours where the spies, but all along it was the American Housekeeper. Meg and David learnt that they had been guilty of stereotyping and that they should not judge a book by its cover.

I reccomend this book to grade 5-12. I rate this book an 8/10. This book is found in the fiction section of our library.

By Jade 5E

The donkey who carried the wounded


Main Info

Title: The donkey who carried the wounded

Publishing house:  Harper Collins

First publishing date: 2009

This books publishing date: 2009

 Number of pages: 203

Genre: History

Age group: Year 5 to 6


Jack, a 16 year old, earns enough money to feed his mother, sister and himself some bread and butter to eat at tea time. He earns this money by giving donkey rides up and down the beach everyday for children. All the donkeys are called Neddy, because they can’t be bothered to call them different names. But one day a little girl said that Jack should name his donkey Duffy. That was the  start of something special.

Jack was sent to war, they also collected as many donkeys as they could get from Lemnos Island, Grease. One of the donkeys they collected was going to be a hero, a saviour.


My opinion

This book is AMAZING! I don’t know how Jackie Frenck can get boring history and turn it into a great story. Jackie has made a very entertaining novel and I am reading the animal stars series. If you love animals and you want to learn somthing then read Jackie French’s books! I give it 10 out of 10!



By Marissa 5E


worried sick


The children from Koala Hills, Peter, Kirsty, Kerrie, Joan, Kathryn, David, Thadeus, Martin and Sam, are all heading off to secondary school. They’re all worrying about different things and now a new girl called Melinda is telling lies.

She says that her dad is in a band and her mum is a model. But when the girls walk home from the mall, they pass by Melinda’s house and see if she’s home. A man in a Singlet and underwear opens the door. They go inside to find that Melinda confesses everything.

Now they’re going to have a few more years in secondary school and a few more worries!


By Olivia.

Netball Dreamz


I rate this book 10/10, because every bit of the story is exciting.

This book is about two girls named Nat and Sally. Nat and Sally wanted to try out for the school netball team. When they tried out they made the team. Before the season started they had a practice match against Highfield Primary School, they lost. Throughout the season they only lost one game, that was against Lakeside Primary School they lost by one goal. In the last round they were up against Highfield, they won. All the people in the team were very happy and excited.

Shannon 5E

Dinosaur Rescue by Jill Corby


This book is published by Ladybird book ltd.

I like this book because it has series and also can tell you what level you are.It has hard cover  and start with the sounds pages at the beginning.

Dinosaur Rescue, this storybook was about a dinosaur was in trouble because of the heat and the children followed the dinosaur foot prints. They were very huge. When they saw a dinosaur the boys were scared but the girls were not scared. The girls said a dinosaur without sharp teeth was not dangerous. The dinosaur told them that he couldn’t take the heat so they had an idea to bring the dinosaur to show their classmates and their teacher was very proud of them.

My favourite part of this book is and I learnt that because  dinosaurs eat vegetables they don’t have sharp teeth.

Although it is a short storybook, it is very interesting.

I rate this book 9/10


from Ashton 3A

The Big Friendly Giant


This story is about a little girl named Sophie who gets taken by a big tall giant called Steve. The next day her father had to go to war and when he left Sophie cried. Sophie wrote to her father every day and her father wrote back to Sophie and Sophie was happy. When it was night time Sophie could not go to sleep and it was the middle of the night then she saw something walking on the path. It was wearing black and it was tall then it came closer it was taller than before and had huge ears. When Sophie looked out the window she noticed it  was a giant then the giant grabbed Sophie and took her away. The giant ran for days until he got to his cave when he got to his cave Sophie was still in her gown what she wore to bed. The giant had not had breakfast so he ate a snozzcumber and Sophie was going to throw up because it looks disgusting. After that the giant was going dream hunting and when they got there he caught a good and bad dream and the giant had to let Sophie go so he  did and it would not be safe for her here because there is bad ugly giants here. Sophie found her way home and she was safe but she still missed the giant. I rate this book 10 out of 10 because it is my favourite book.


From Mercedez

The Give Away Tree



This is my favourite book because when I was in grade one the teacher read this book. When she read it was I really interested in it. It is a sad story with a happy ending. It is about a tree and little boy. The little boy grows up and keeps asking the tree for stuff. If you see it, you should read it. It is a short story suitable for grade one and two.

I give this book a 7/10.

From Mitchell

Walking Through the Jungle


Hi i’m Sebastian and book is walking through the jungle.The author is Debbie harter.


Walking through the jungle is a book about a young girl who goes walking through the desert,jungle,ocean and antarctia,she comes across all diffrent

animals,some scare her.THis is a fun book for all the family to look at all the wonderful pictures  of the animals from each enviroment.I would rate this book 10 out of 10.

The Fidgety Frogs


Writen by Mandy Ross

The book is about five little fidgety fogs.

One day one of the frogs wanted to know how they began from a tadpole to a frog.

On a nother day a nother frog wanted to learn how to fly but didn’t but invented a game called leap frog.

But the best part was that all the frogs had a sitting still competion and the winner did a belly flop in the water!!!

It’s a great book for everyone!!!!!

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